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Fairgreen Sod Farms offers our unique “S.O.S” bagged garden soil delivery service. The S.O.S. is a “Sack of Soil.” Each bag is approximately 3′ x 3 ‘ x 3’ and holds over 1 cubic yard of quality Garden Soil. Topsoil, mulch and aggregates are available for delivery using the S.O.S. system. With the S.O.S. system you have a very neat, clean, handy way of getting garden soil delivered to you. Our trucks are equipped with turf tire forklifts which enables them to travel across lawns (weather permitting) and driveways so that the bags can be placed where you need them. The 1 cubic yard bags can also be picked up at our yard in Markham or Oro-Medonte

The S.O.S. system minimizes the use of backbreaking wheelbarrows, or turf tearing skid steer loaders to move soil from your driveway to the backyard. We can place the bag as close to where you need it as possible. If you require the soil in an enclosed backyard, the bag can be placed directly outside your gate to greatly reduce the distance you have to move the soil.

Mother nature is no longer a problem. If it rains you just close the S.O.S. system up. The Sack of Soil system eliminates the messy cleanup operation when you get a truck load of soil dumped in your driveway! So put your mark where you need your “S.O.S.” and we’ll do the rest!