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Forest Blend Mulch


Delivered within 7 Business Days of the requested delivery date.

Price includes shipping within delivery area.

Get $20 off each additional full sack when delivered at the same time to the same location.

Each SOS Bag os approximately 1 cu. yard. Mini SOS is 1/2 of SOS bag. To calculate how many bags you need, use our free Soil Calculator.

Mulches are extremely beneficial to any garden or planting. It is an easy way to lower your maintenance while also protecting your garden from erosion, pests and drought!

Forest blend mulch is natural true brown mulch. Its colour is similar to natural earth and therefore allows the user to gain all the benefits of mulch, without changing the natural appearance of the surroundings. The colour of this mulch makes it ideal for large areas – where coloured mulch may be too overwhelming. This mulch can be used with coloured mulches or decorative stones to create areas of focus or on its own to provide an all over natural landscape.

Forest blend mulch sold at Fairgreen Sod Farms is purchased locally. Our providers are held to the highest standards of quality. Our forest blend mulch is natural and non dyed.

We deliver even if you are not home!
We are the best in the business, over 50 years of service.
Everything grows greener with Fairgreen, we guarantee it!
Benefits Of Forest Blend Mulch


  • Mulch is an attractive addition to your garden that lowers your overall maintenance.
  • Mulch is known as an excellent weed control barrier, while maintaining soil moisture levels.
  • All mulch can reduce nutrient leeching after heavy rainfalls.
  • Forest blend mulch also improves the fertility of the root zone by adding organic matter as it decomposes and it keeps that root zone cool and moist even in the high heat of summer.
  • This mulch contains a unique mix of mulch chips, giving you the benefits of many mulch types in your garden!
  • Forest blend mulch mix offers a twist on traditional mulch, with an attractive texture and color.
  • Mulch is an excellent way to keep in ground veggies safe from pests, and keeps edible crops (like pumpkins or fruit bearing plants) safe from soil diseases that may splash on to the plants vulnerable leafs and stems!