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Whether you have a small patch in your grass to repair or you want to replace your entire lawn, Fairgreen can provide you with the right sod for a project of any size!

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Fairgreen Premium Grass
Fairgreen Premium Field
Fairgreen Premium Sod
Fairgreen Premium Grass Fairgreen Premium Field Fairgreen Premium Sod

IMPORTANT: Sod MUST be laid within 6 HOURS of delivery. Please plan ahead when choosing your delivery date to ensure immediate planting.

Grass Type

Our sod is 100% Kentucky Bluegrass. This grass has a lush, deep green colour that looks great in any landscape, making it an excellent choice for residential and commercial lawns. Kentucky bluegrass is resistant to drought, disease, and pests, and it has a fine texture that gives it a soft and comfortable feel underfoot.


We cut our sod to order the morning of the scheduled pickup or delivery to ensure that you receive the freshest and healthiest sod for your project’s success.

Roll Size

Our sod rolls measure 2 feet x 4.5 feet, each covering a 9-square-foot area. Each roll of sod weighs approximately 40 lbs or 18 kg.


The minimum order for delivery is 30 rolls. As long as you order by 3pm, we guarantee your delivery next day, Monday to Saturday, excluding some holidays. Sod pallets can be placed exactly where you need them with our truck-mounted forklifts. All our forklifts require 9 feet of clearance in order to place your sod. Delivery charges may apply, depending on your order quantity and delivery location.

In-Store Pickup

You are more than welcome to pick up sod, and any additional items, from our physical location in Markham. There is no minimum order for in-store or curbside pickup, but please ensure that you have the means to transport your sod.

Do you have additional questions? If you aren’t sure how much sod you need to cover an area, would like to know how to properly install your new sod, or you have any other lawncare-related questions, we will be more than happy to assist you!

Monday to Friday there is no need to call ahead, except for days before a long weekend. Saturday it is recommended you call ahead on Friday and pre order your sod.

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Fairgreen Sod Farms is a family-owned and operated business that has been growing natural grass and supplying sod to Ontario residents and contractors for over half a century.

We offer premium sod that is specifically formulated for the Ontario region, using a unique seed blend to grow the sod that we have developed over the last 60+ years. The sod provides a deep, rich, dark green colour, and is excellent at withstanding excessive wear and tear, while having the ability to regenerate itself.

At Fairgreen Sod Farms, we love and take care of our grass like no other: we use top-of-the-line equipment and live and breathe the best practices we have developed over three generations to grow the healthiest sod in Ontario.

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Our Delivery Process


If you would like to have your sod delivered, please place an order online or over the phone. Be sure to place your order dimensions in square feet. The minimum order required for delivery is 30 rolls or 270 square feet. If you do not require delivery, you may visit our physical location and pick up any amount of sod needed.

Time Frame

For next-business-day delivery, orders need to be placed by 3 pm the day before. Orders placed after 3 pm will be scheduled for delivery in 2 business days. If needed, you can schedule your delivery further in advance.

Delivery Requirements

Your sod will be cut on the morning of your delivery. Please ensure that you have 9 feet of clearance space for the sod to be delivered. As sod is a perishable product, you will need to be available to accept the delivery and it will need to be installed within 6 hours of being dropped off.

Taking Care of Your Sod


Once your sod is laid, it needs to be watered immediately. It should be soaked to the point that you are unable to walk on it. You may use a lawn sprinkler, provided it covers the full area of sod and is left on until the grass is thoroughly wet.


You should mow your new lawn for the first time when the cut will remove about one-third of the length. This typically occurs within one to two weeks after laying the sod. Ensure that when you mow, the grass is not wet.


Our sod is shade-tolerant but will require a form of light to survive. It is not recommended that sod be laid in a permanently shaded area or it may die.

View our step-by-step guide for lawn preparation and care to get the most out of your new yard.

Sod Installation Guide

Natural Grass and the Environment

Sodding your lawn creates a gorgeous curb appeal and it’s a perfect choice to benefit the environment. Sodding your lawn:

  • Provides a natural, comfortable, and safe area for fun and sports
  • Releases oxygen and cools the air
  • Controls pollution and reduces soil erosion
  • Purifies and replenishes our water supply
  • Aids in the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions
  • Mitigates the heat island effect (increased temperature due to lack of greenery)
  • Reduces energy consumption and helps to reduce global warming

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  • "They provided great sod and topsoil for our front/backyard. Included delivery of soil and sod in the price. Delivered when promised, and even asked where (specifically) to drop both so as to make it convenient. When I needed more, they dropped it off the next day without issue. Very good customer service."
    - Mike from Unionville
  • “Thanks for the two deliveries this week, including the one delivered today. Always placed in the right spot, and today’s driver was especially polite and courteous. Thanks again for the terrific service.”
    - John from Stouffville
  • “Thanks for the awesome service. My order was delivered in under 24 hours. It doesn’t get any better than that. Will see you again next year!”
    - Kevin from Barrie

Additional Recommended Products

We recommend using our natural top-quality grading soil for grading your work area to achieve the recommended topsoil depth of 10-15 cm (4-6 inches) in preparation for installing your new lawn.

Once your new lawn is in place, we highly recommend nurturing it with high-quality fertilizers to ensure a beautiful lawn for years to come.

Use the following guideline to choose which of the fertilizers is right for you, based on the time of your new lawn installation:

Season Recommended Fertilizer Application Rate Bag Size & Coverage
Early Spring 30-5-5 Grass Grower 5 pounds per 1000 square feet 10KG – 4,400 square feet
25KG – 11,000 square feet
Spring 21-7-7 Weed Choker 5 pounds per 1000 square feet 10KG – 4,400 square feet
25KG – 11,000 square feet
Summer 16-8-8 Maintenance 7 pounds per 1000 square feet 25KG – 7,800 square feet
Fall 21-7-7 Weed Choker 5 pounds per 1000 square feet 10KG – 4,400 square feet
25KG – 11,000 square feet
Late Fall 30-5-5 Grass Grower 5 pounds per 1000 square feet 10KG – 4,400 square feet
25KG – 11,000 square feet
New Seed Starter 5-20-20 New Lawn Care 5 pounds per 1000 square feet 10KG – 4,400 square feet
25KG – 11,000 square feet


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