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Garden Soil Mini


Delivered within 7 Business Days of the requested delivery date.

Price includes shipping within delivery area.

Get $20.00 off each additional full sack when delivered at the same time to the same location.

Our exclusive black, rich in nutrients garden soil is the perfect addition to your garden, or to be used for planting trees.

Mini SOS bags are 1/2 cu. yard. (Each SOS bag is approximately 1 cu. yard and weighs 1.4 tons.) To calculate how much you need, use our free Soil Calculator.

Rich in nutrients, our garden soil is the perfect blend for your garden. Whether you’re looking to create a new garden or simply enhance your existing one, soil from Fairgreen Sod Farms will bring exceptional benefits to your plants. Our high quality soil is a blend of manure, peat, compost and mineral soil giving it incredible texture & performance, with more nutrients than triple mix!

Fairgreen Sod Farms garden soil is sold in a resealable bag with just over a cubic yard of our custom blend. Full of so many added benefits, your plants will thrive from the custom blend of Fairgreen soil. Excellent to use in gardens, for planting trees, or as a topdressing for your lawn!

We deliver even if you are not home!
We are the best in the business, over 50 years of service.
Everything grows greener with Fairgreen, we guarantee it!
Benefits Of Garden Soil Mini


  • Garden soil is nutrient-rich
  • Existing soil quality is improved with high-quality garden soil
  • When mixed with existing soil, it can improve the overall structure and texture of the soil
  • Our custom blend is easy to cultivate
  • Enriched with peat, compost, manure, and mineral soil
  • Free of debris
  • Manure will effectively fertilize your plants
  • Peat will retain water and nutrients in the soil
  • Compost will add nutrients and improve soil structure, while also improving plant health
  • Mineral soil will improve plants structural integrity( hardiness, root development, pest/disease resistance) and promote growth